the story of spoonerreilly

Although they both grew up in Minnesota, Marc and Katie met at a wedding in Alaska the summer of 2013. Katie was the wedding singer. Marc was a great dancer. Thus are the makings of magic. Marc was living in Minneapolis at the time and Katie was in Anchorage, so the couple dated long-distance—exchanging songs, stories, and Skype dates—for a year until Marc made what is now widely heralded as “the best decision in all the land.” He packed up the Subaru and drove to Alaska.

When not lawyering and public healthing, Marc and Katie spend their time hiking, skiing, running, biking, cooking, singing, playing/listening to music, dancing, gardening, and hanging out with their amazing Alaskan community. They adopted Bark Lee, a German shepherd/golden retriever pup, and bought a house last year and have been loving both ever since!

We can’t wait for you to come and experience this amazing place we get to call home! Check out the travel to Alaska page for info on accommodations during your stay. And if you are looking to stick around for some time before or after the wedding, we’ve got a list of adventures and side trips for you to check out.


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